Psychotherapy and Spiritual Growth – An Issue of Language and the Tower of Babal

It is the condition of being-ness inside you, without action, fretfulness of any sort, without aggravation – inward or external – it is strong, Spiritualit├Ąt; you wouldn’t call it profound, it would be more accurate truly to call it one’s characteristic state.

Is this ‘regular state’ accessible to all?

Indeed obviously. In any case, you need to need it, and you need to need it seriously. Additionally you should have an inward respectability, a profound trustworthiness about it and you should acknowledge no substitutes! Since the profound way is assailed with such interruptions, challenges, temptations and misrepresentations, urgings of the sense of self to release everything and settle for some semi otherworldly express that would be lifted up according to the perspective of the fledgling, the individual who tries to the profound awards of the way.

What would you be able to do in this semi profound state?

Set up as a profound instructor! Play predominant, instruct individuals, allure others to go about as adherents or followers, compose a book about your ‘otherworldly’ encounters, your edification, while all the time you are basically dressing your sense of self. It is not really extraordinary in this dim time; the time frame the Hindus anticipated we would be in now – the kali yuga.

Be that as it may, the interest in otherworldliness, reflection and yoga is doubtlessly developing?

All things considered, interest isn’t really enough. The otherworldly world is loaded with amateurs and delight searchers and self-glorification. This isn’t to diminish the true specialists, the applied ones, yet even there you see you can run over a personality trap, since certain individuals’ self image is kept alive by temptations like ‘I won’t ever succeed’, ‘I’m not sufficient’ – it is basically the

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